Sunday, 22 February 2015

An Art Trip to Paris - The Louvre

The last time I went to Paris was as a child and my visit mainly consisted of meeting the Disney princesses, so this time I was more than excited to mooch around Paris' art galleries and landmarks (although I did still end up visiting a Disney store).
One of the first places I visited was The Louvre, which I guess is one of the touristy things you're inclined to do when visiting Paris. 

As well as its well known glass pyramid exterior, The Louvre was home to even more beautiful architecture, in fact Paris itself was a hub of delightful buildings. I probably spent more time looking at the ceilings in the galleries than I did actually looking at the work on display. However I did manage to see the Venus De Milo and get an alright photo. I also caught a glimpse of the Mona Lisa, but being shoved around in an extremely hot confined space made me want to get out of there fast, rather than stop for a photo, so I settled for a postcard instead. 
Everything in the gallery felt impressive and I spent a lot of time feeling lost, but in a place I didn't really mind feeling lost in and I'm glad I got an opportunity to experience that.

Katie x

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