Monday, 27 July 2015

What I Eat In A Day - Vegan

Having been vegan for over a year and a half now, I've gotten to grips with knowing what things I can and can't eat, and what I should be eating to provide a balanced and healthy diet. Therefore I thought it might be useful (hopefully) to share what I eat in a day. Obviously I don't eat the same things everyday, because that would get boring, but I thought this would give a good overview of the kind of things I like to eat on a day-to-day basis. I don't live near any health food shops so everything I eat is bought from our local supermarket. Oh, and if you move your mouse over the photo's they will come into focus!!

For breakfast I like to have either yoghurt and fruit, or cereal with rice milk (if I'm in a rush). I use fortified rice milk with my cereal mainly because I prefer the taste, but also because it gives me the benefits of calcium and vitamins. However, today I had fruit and yoghurt. Similar to the milk I like to go for a yoghurt that has added calcium, this is because calcium can be hard to obtain in a vegan diet. I'm currently really liking the Alpro plain coconut yoghurt, however here I have a pear and peach soy yoghurt. I also like to add flaxseed with my meals. It's a natural way of obtaining omega-3, as well as other vitamins and minerals. I find it great because it's basically a powder and it doesn't have a strong taste so you can't really notice it in the food.

What I have for lunch varies a lot, sometimes I'll make myself a salad. I often have hummus with vegetables such as raw carrot, crackers or toasted pitta bread, depending on what we have in the house. On a side note Asda do amazing rosemary crackers, and the Linda McCartney sausage rolls also make a great lunch time snack.  Today I just had cucumber and an avocado, seasoned with ground pepper, a tiny bit of piri piri sauce and lemon juice, on a wholemeal wrap. I make sure to have some sort of starchy food with my lunch when possible, as they should make up about 1/3 of the diet. I also normally have a banana with my lunch or some piece of fruit.

What I eat for dinner really varies. Yesterday was a Sunday so I had an alternative to a roast dinner, with roast potatoes, broccoli, carrots and two large mushrooms, marinaded overnight in olive oil, garlic and ginger. Some of my favourite meals are vegan lasagne and stuffed aubergine. After dinner I will normally have more fruit and then either vegan ice-cream or some sort of baked treat. From time to time I'll also have a nak'd bar or a 9 bar during the day. I feel like I should also add that I do take vegan supplements now and again, just to make sure I am getting the right amount of nutrients. For example, as you can see I haven't eaten any beans, pulses, tofu or nuts to provide me with protein, so I could take a supplement to provide me with this.

I hope this was somewhat informative, let me know if you'd like me to do anymore vegan based posts.
Thanks for reading.

Katie x

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  1. These look all so healthy! I esp love the lunch dish :)
    Sunday roasts are my favourite.. can't beat a good roastie!

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs

    1. Thanks! :-) I agree there's nothing better than a good Sunday roast. Hope you have a great day.