Monday, 10 August 2015

My Favourite Blogging Resources

I wanted to start this post by saying thank you. There are now over a 100 of you following this blog which is quite terrifying, it's weird to think that so many of you take the time to read what I have to say but I'm glad that so many of you enjoy it, it's such a lovely feeling. 
A lot of you seemed to really like my last post on blog customisation so I thought I would carry on the theme and share with you some of the useful resources I have found since starting this blog.

1. Blogger Babes

To help women bloggers transform their hobby of writing into a profession that lets them live life on their terms.

The concept behind this is great. Although I didn't create this blog with plans of turning it into a profession I still find that blogger babes is full of useful tips on anything, from growing your audience to blog design, and even improving your blogging confidence. This helps me make my blog the best it can be, and whether it's a profession or not it's always good to create something you can be proud of. They also allow you to pitch guest posts to them, which is awesome if you want to get your work noticed by a wider audience. Plus when you sign up they email you a free blogging binder and for someone like me who likes all aspects of their life to be organised, it is the best freebie I've ever found, it even has space to set weekly and monthly blogging goals and self reflect on what you did well and not so well. Basically I couldn't love this site more.

2.  TheBlogGuideRT

Helping bloggers grow and connect. 

If you want to get your posts noticed by a wider audience, the likes of TheBlogGuideRT, FemaleBloggerRT and UKBlog_RT (if you live in the UK) are amazing for this. I suspect there's a ton of them you can find on twitter, you simply mention them in a tweet, they retweet it and with over 20,000 followers it means that there's plenty of people that will see the tweet and might take a liking to your blog. I've certainly found loads of awesome bloggers and interesting posts from following them. They also have a blog here which is full of great advice.

3. HubPages

Discover and create original, in-depth, useful, media-rich pages on topics you are passionate about.

Anytime I have a post I'm particularly proud of or I think is engaging to a wider audience I like to upload it onto hubpages. For example if I create a new recipe I will post it onto both my blog and on the hubpages site, if someone searches for a similar recipe on google the hubpages post is likely to be much higher up in the search results than my blog post, as it has a larger audience. Therefore viewers are more likely to see the post this way and if they like it they may decide to click the link through to my blog. Plus you can pretty much post anything on there from movie reviews to creative writing and even yoga poses. As long as it's well written content you have complete freedom over what you post.

4. Bitly

This is a bit of a weird resource but I find it really useful when putting up links to specific posts on social media. Personally I hate looking at really long links, whether it's in someones bio, in a tweet, or an instagram description. Therefore I like to use bitly to shorten the url. It's free and easy to use and makes everything look a lot tidier. You can also create an account with them to monitor how many people view your link(s), which is really handy if you want to find out your most popular posts.

I know this is quite short but I hope it's useful, the other blogging resources I use a lot are detailed in my last post here.

If you would like me to do anymore posts like this please let me know, also please tell me if you know any good resources I haven't mentioned.

Katie x

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  1. Bitly is a really good tool to track how many clicks you get! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. I'll have to try Bitly; I hate really long links!

    1. You should definitely give it a go, I hope you find it useful. Thanks for reading!

  3. Love this post! Bitly seems like the perfect website for me - i hate how long links take up so much character space! x

  4. Great tips! I'll have to check out all these, they sound awesome and really useful! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award which you can read about on my recent blog post. I've followed you on Bloglovin for some time and I thought your blog posts were amazing

    1. Thank you so much both for the nomination and your thoughts on the post! I'm just reading your recent blog post now. It's so lovely to hear you like reading my blog and I can't wait to answer the questions

  5. I am just getting into your blog and finding it so helpful. Thanks for doing all this work and making your information available.

    1. It's no problem at all. I'm obsessed with the illustrations on your blog they're awesome. Thanks for taking the time to comment :-)

  6. I love this post, helpful tips as well :)

    From Bloglovin' :)