Self-initiated brief

I picked an article from Cosmopolitan online and decided to design it for print.
I took inspiration from their current magazine design and then added my own ideas. 

Cosmopolitan uses bold and powerful fonts in their publication so I kept this in mind with my type choices.

The typefaces work well for legibility but also encapsulate the aspirations of the reader and the tone of the content; it is lively, interesting and honest. This is similar to the colour palette utilised throughout the magazine — there are bright, bold pops of colour used alongside lighter pastel tones. I wanted to choose colours that would work well with the images and the context of the article, so I went for a bold red with a baby pink. There is also clear hierarchy in the text; the reader can easily distinguish between headings, subheads, body text, pull quotes and captions allowing them to easily navigate through the pages. I used bars on the pull quotes, a design feature currently used by Cosmopolitan. I also wanted to use the bars elsewhere within the feature so I used them for the image captions, I felt they helped to make the text stand out, and acted as another entry point for the reader. Cosmopolitan often use a large drop cap at the opening of a feature. I wanted to do something similar but incorporate it with the heading and subhead to guide the readers eye across the page and into the content  (2019).